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Studio Art Workshops with Rob Parkin

I am always looking for new, suitable locations to host a Studio Workshop. 
Please contact me to discuss any location you have or think may be suitable.
Thank you

New Workshops 2017

A list of my new Studio Workshops in the Hereford area.
A prosperous and creative New Year

Here is what I will be doing in 2017, I hope to see you!

Studio Art Workshops
with Robert Parkin

March 17th
‘A Country Lane’
Recreate a landscape Wordsworth would recognise: a country lane alive with wildflowers, the overhanging oak, the old fence, and a sky full of March sunshine. A reflection of life in the countryside before 1914.

May 19th
‘Images of Arthur Rackham’
One of the greatest Victorian illustrators, Rackham is known for his wonderful poetic line- and wash drawings of fairy tales full of magic. This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn how he worked and create your own illustration of magic, with a few goblins, fairies and wizards here and there!

July 7th
‘The Summer Meadow and Hay-Making’
A sun-soaked summer afternoon on the day of the hay harvest. A meadow and stream stretch away into the distance, flanked by shrubs and trees. The ‘hay-wain’ and the folk who worked the fields.
A true Summer Studio Workshop scene.

October 27th
‘The Winter Woodland and Snow Man’
Village children surround the snow man. A winter landscape of twigs and snow-laden branches. Winter mist and backlit trees with deep blue shadows. Thick with snow, the woodland is alive with light.
A Christmas Studio Workshop and a true Christmas card image.

All workshops £58 each, which includes all materials and light refreshments.
The venue is Breinton Village Hall. It has modern facilities, wheelchair access and easy parking next to the hall.

A place can be reserved by a deposit of £20, balance payable 1 month prior to the workshop.

The workshops are 10am to 4.30 pm (except in October which is 10am to 4pm).

Please contact me on 01432 351 283, or by e-mail:

Comments from those attending past workshops.

Jean Bowles...."An excellent day".

Shirley Davies. "Fantastic day...Time passes to quick when its this good".

Bob Murrin. " An excellent workshop. Turned all my art college training upside down, but with remarkable results."

John Harris..."The best workshops I have been on...I have done three years of Rob's workshops and each time I'm amazed to do better and find out more."

Mark Hastings.."I would not, and in fact I did not expect to complete a painting in a day, but I did, and all those around me...The teaching was fantastic and the company brilliant."

Sandra Smith. "The best day of painting I have ever had."

I would like to thank all those who have commented and allowed me to post there comments on my site. The workshops are intended to 'push' those who come along to do more than they might have done before. And to be enjoyable and fun. I try as hard as possible to show new ideas and the techniques I use, developed over the last 30 years or more..


Listed below are examples of past studio workshops and locations from 2015


Scampston Hall Walled Garden 2015

Date: 7th November 10 am - 4 pm

'The Winter Woodland'

Have you ever wondered how the old masters created their paintings?

  • Be you a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop offers the opportunity to create a piece in a single day
  • I will guide you step by step, painting alongside you and encouraging you to produce what you may have thought was impossible
  • I will illustrate composition and how to 'edit' the image, often with no drawing involved
  • I will explain how to work with the paint and brush to create a dramatic skyline and woodland landscape with a winding pathway amid a gentle fall of snow in a Christmas landscape
Working on canvas, acrylic board or watercolour paper. Using Chroma Acrylic paint, with watercolour.
Materials supplied


' Winter '

Burton Agnes Hall

Workshop date:      18th November 2014, 9. 30 am - 4. 30 pm

A magical time in the garden with frost and snow creating special light effects in the winter sunshine. This workshop will focus on intimate and evocative elements of the garden and the more extensive landscape. A half open garden gate or door, a place where you want to peep through and explore beyond, with ivy covered walls to either side frosted and glistening in the snow. Or, a secret statue and frozen pool in the corner of the garden surrounded by winter foliage, at that time of year the haunt of a robin, an image that truly represents Christmas. Or, the landscape where wildlife choose to trespass in search of food on a cold winters day.

The aim of the workshop? To develop and complete a painting, and to learn new techniques that will allow you to develop depth and light in your work. Working in ways that I suspect you will never have tried before and with mixed media (that will include to many of you a new acrylic paint that is gentle and can be used in so many ways) on paper, board or canvas.

All levels of skill are very welcome, be you a beginner or experienced artist. All will be starting from scratch using the ideas and techniques that I will demonstrate to you step by step.
I can promise you a rewarding; challenging; and exciting day of painting - with all that you need to work with provided (please bring along any brushes that you may feel comfortable working with) Any old brushes that you may feel are worn out or 'overworked' do bring along and I will show you how to put them to good use.

So please do come along and see what you can create, I hope to surprise you......

Workshop date:      18th November 2014, 9. 30 am - 4. 30 pm

To book:                   Call Robert Parkin on 01432 351283


Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire.

The Old Coastguard Station. National Trust Visitor Centre

Returning for a third year to the National Trust Visitor Centre in the Old Coastguard Station set right beside the harbour with fantastic views, good access to the beach and the panoramic views of the bay toward the cliffs at Ravenscar. This building (visible in the image above to the left with the window shutters) has been home to the National Trust for some little time. The Studio workshop his held on the second floor and from the windows we can see North East over the extent of the North Sea.

Comments from past workshops at Robin Hoods Bay and the OCG (Old Coastguard Station)

  • "A gift from my daughter for my birthday. The best workshop that I have been on, and the instruction and ideas second to none" Mark Harris.
  •  "My first workshop, so I'm unable to compare, but any more I go on will have to be very, very good. Thank you". Jane Stevens
  • "I have been to all three workshops this year that Rob has hosted and presented. I'm looking forward to next year. I wish there more this year. I have produced the best painting I have ever done, I'm really proud of it". Jane Megson

  • 'The Harvest'

Create a classical landscape painting of the summer harvest at the turn of the 19th century. A scene that would have been typical to find in high summer on the cliff top above the bay and along the North Yorkshire coast. I am hoping that we can develop an unusual harvest scene that captures a seascape and the harvest.

  • 'Sea, Land, Fishing Boats and Fisher Folk'

A two day workshop covering a Saturday and Sunday. Paint the landscape, coast and people as they would have been seen in the 18th century and through the eye's of JMW Turner. An opportunity to explore and work a little in the style of the country's greatest landscape artist - the painter of light and sunshine, deep shadow and moods, Turner. This workshop will, weather permitting, allow a little time to get a feel for the coast and the beach. I will have a great deal of material prepared to work from including projected images. If we can sketch outdoors we will, but we can work indoors in the studio, and the warm.

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November 10.30am - 4pm (same time's on both day's) 

  • 'The Woodland in Winter'

A Christmas card image of winter in the depths of an English woodland. Light, snow, sun and shade. Learn how to use the paint to invite the eye into a winter woodland of tiny twigs and branches. A winding lane and tracks in the snow.

Tuesday 25th November 10am - 4pm 


The Quaker Meeting House. Pickering. North Yorkshire

A brand new venue for me and one that I am delighted to include. The atmosphere and charm of the meeting house and it's garden, just a few dozen yards from the castle in Pickering, is difficult to define. This much loved building and garden bring a remarkable sense of peace and could not be a better place to paint and share art. I was delighted to be invited to host my workshops, my only summer workshop for 2014, and a subject closer to my heart later in the year. The light and space within the building is wonderful - and I feel interested spirits are watching from all the best places - I am really looking forward to the workshops.

The first of which is.

  • 'Harvest Time'

A warm Summers afternoon, and you can almost smell the hay as it is gathered and piled onto the 'wain'. The summers afternoon haze, given more diffused light by the haze of dust as the dried grass is lifted and thrown high onto the stack. Traditional old England in the late 19th century, a scene that would have been familiar to John Constable, as would the dress and manner of the farm folk working the fields. 

This is an opportunity to paint a traditional and loved agricultural landscape and the people who would work the fields. I will provide all the research material and line drawings to capture the folk of the field and the distant tree belt, and I will demonstrate techniques for you to represent the land and landscape. 

16th August 10am - 4pm. 

  • 'The Winter Country Village'

Late afternoon, early evening as the light begins to slip away, and Christmas day lies a few hours away. The light from cottage windows and the church throw golden yellow onto the falling snow, and the evening church service is soon to begin. England in the late 1900's. A scene that we all know and love, as the heart of England the village, prepares to celebrate Christmas. 
This is an opportunity to paint the snow covered landscape and deep shadows of winter, learn new techniques and strong composition. Let the paint 'speak' for you as you create an image that would not be out of place in a Jane Austin novel.

22nd November 10am - 4pm. 


Please note that more dates and venues will be added as they come along.

For more information please contact me directly


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